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THANK YOU for considering a dontation. For a year and a half I ran this site as a hobby. The site is now getting a tremendous amount of traffic, and it needs quite a bit of maintenance. I recently moved it off of my school server to the new server at my own cost.

If I have saved you ANY time doing your mods, or if you feel you have learned something worthwhile by flipping though, I ask you to please make a donation. This will help me pay for the tools needed to keep this site running.

I will gladly accept PAYPAL if you have an account. I can also accept any other form of payment you may like.

I will gladly accept donations of any amount

NOTE: if you decide to donate $15 or more, I will add you to the Members Only library where you can showcase your car.

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avantquattro - (Stevelev AZ)
TurbodBoyBeater - AZ
Saturnine - AZ (big donator :-) )
1sicka4 - AZ
Tgr_Clw - AW/AZ
orblivious - AZ
With these first seven donations I was able to purchase and educational version of Macromedia Studio 8. This gives me the web development tools needed to keep this going. Thanks a lot to this first seven donators!

PS8boost - AZ
Junkie1.8TQ - AZ

All modifications are to be done at your own risk. I assume no liability for any damage done or accident caused as a result of these modifications

-Ryan Martini


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