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'Stealth' Tail Light Mod - Audi A4

Prior Experience: None
Cost: approx. $7.00
Time: aprrox. 30 minutes

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Before   After
Audi A4 Tail Light   Audi A4 Tail Light

Everyone hates the look of the egg yolks in the tail lights - including me. After talking around on Audizine I got recommended the Stealth bulbs to get rid of the amber look, but to retain the amber glow when lit. Since I was on a college budget I decided to make something similar and save a few dollars. So I made my own and it was worth every penny - all 700 of them - a quick look at the before and after pics will have you believing me. So lets do it:

First things first:

SUPPLIES - doesn't get any better than this. Tape and paint....

What Quantity $$
2 in Blue Painters Tape 1 roll left over from sub-box
Engine Enamel - Duplicolor Aluminum DE1615 1 can 4.88 ea
Spare Bulbs #7507 1 pkg 2.49
TOTAL 7 bones
  Audi A4 Tail Light

After going to Autozone and A&A Autoparts and not being able to find spare bulbs, I went to a Pep-Boys and got a hold of them. The recommended pair was #7506, however these are CLEAR and we want the amber bulbs for this job. #7507 worked great.

The first thing you need to do is remove the old tail-lights.  This is real easy - there is one screw on either side of your trunk that holds them in place - simply unscrew that with the phillips head screwdriver and swing the tail-light off.

Audi A4 Tail Light   Audi A4 Tail Light
Audi A4 Tail Light  

After you get the tail light off, there are two black clips you have to disengage to get at the bulb fixture. It should look like this.

Just twist the amber bulb out of the socket and your good to go

When you get the bulbs out, you want to wrap the contact parts with the blue painters tape to ensure that you don't get paint on them. Then clean off the bulbs however you see fit. DO NOT paint thinner. Someone suggested it to me, and it removed the amber from the bulb - not what I wanted! - The whole point of this mod is to have lights that still blink amber although they are not amber colored. (Good thing for that spare set)

I decided to hang the bulbs so I could spray them without handling them.

  Audi A4 Tail Light

When you are spraying the bulbs, it is very important to spray a very very light coat on. You honestly want the paint to 'speckle' on the bulb so that the amber will still show through when lit. Here are mine when they are done - a couple pics. (REMEMBER - very light coat! - the pics below almost look like too much paint!)

Audi A4 Tail Light   Audi A4 Tail Light

After the bulbs are painted, that's it. Just reverse the removal process to put them back in and your set. Here are some pics with them off and on after the job was complete.

After Audi A4 Tail Light
Lit after Audi A4 Tail Light

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