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Audi A4 Cupholder removal

Prior Experience: none required
Cost: approx. $0
Time: aprrox. 5 mintues

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Everyone knows that Audi has no idea where to put cupholders....not only do we not have cupholders where we need them, we HAVE cupholders that are impossible to use...such as the one in the armrest. This is not possible to use if you have a 5 speed, and it takes up valuable space for lets take this thing out...

  Audi A4 Cup Holder

SUPPLIES - All you need is a phillips head screw driver

Audi A4 Cup Holder  

Just pull up the rubber mat at the bottom of the cupholder and you will see two phillips head screws. simply unscrew these, and you will unlock the holder from the armrest.....that is it....

How to is written so that you know it can be done, not really to help you figure out how to do it....

Audi A4 Cup Holder

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