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Debadging an Audi A4

Prior Experience: Zero
Cost: approx. $4.00
Time: aprrox. 15 minutes

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Audi A4 badge removal   Audi A4 badge removal

So I had my car for 2 minutes - I kid you not, I pulled it in the driveway, and started gathering the supplies for this super easy mod. Since I debadged my car way before I decided to build this site, I did not take pictures of the process, and the only picture I have with the badges on, was in the dealership lot. For this reason, and this reason alone, I will have pictures of a Honda Civic on my site - yes it hurts me to admit to this, but it is true.

I will be showing you how to do this on my girlfriends 2005 Civic

SUPPLIES - The supplies are easy, and cost a total of 4 dollars if not less depending on what you have laying around the house or what you can borrow. I bought the supplies at Wal-Mart.

What $$
WD-40 2.00
Fishing Wire (20 lb test) 1.50
Hairdryer freebie
Wax/Polis - you better have some freebie

The first thing you want to do is to bring out your hair dryer and heat up the lettering on the car a little bit. If you get it warm, the glue will peel of easier. It was 20 degrees when I did this car, and I only ran the hair dryer for about 5 minutes - so don't go crazy. After you heat up the lettering, you want to go ahead and slide a piece of fishing line between the back of the lettering and the car. This is pictured below:

Audi A4 badge removal   Audi A4 badge removal

As you can see by that sexy red glove, my girlfriend was helping out. The blue thing is the hair dryer that she has on the letters - keeping them warm, while I was working the letters off with the fishing wire. When they are off, expect it to look like below:

At this point, you just want to rub and pick at the glue that is left on the back of the car. In most cases it will be very similar to the poster tack that you use to hang posters on the wall. I got most of the glue off by rolling it with my finger. The rest I just worked at with my fingernail. You should be able to get almost all of it off. The next picture is what it looked like after you remove it by hand:

Audi A4 badge removal  

As you can see there are only little specs of glue remaining From here you just hit it with the WD-40, and give it a good wipe down - I try not to let the WD-40 sit on the car for long at all. Wash of the WD-40 with a wet cloth, and then polish the paint as needed with some polish/wax.

Her car was a 2005, so not much polishing was needed. My car is a 2002, and it took about 5 more minutes to do. I wouldn't be worried about any paint discoloration unless your car is real old.

Here are the final pics.

Audi A4 badge removal   Audi A4 badge removal

This is very very easy, and definitely makes the cars look better....good luck

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