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Audi A4 Peeling Window Switch and Armrest Replacement

Product provided by Deutsch Teile Haus

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Prior Experience: None
Cost: price of OEM parts
Time: 1 hour

It is very common for the window switches and other interior pieces of the B6 A4 (and all audis for that matter) to peel - even under normal use. This drastically changes the appearance of the interior of your car. If you drive an audi, then you already appreciate the interior styling... unfortunately the durability of some of the pieces used can be questionable.

Two of the most common pieces to peel are the driver's side window switches and part of the armrest on the driver's side. These parts are typically dealer parts, and typically you would have to pay top dollar for them. Lucky for us though, the guys at DTHaus have the ability to source all OEM parts for a much more reasonable price. Ordering these parts were simple and the part/color match is guaranteed when you supply DTHaus with your VIN number (my particular car had a VIN split and an interior color change that they easily identified and ordered the right part the first time).

Audi window switch   Audi window switch
Before   After

SUPPLIES - You will need the following tools for this install.

Window switches and other trim - contact DTHaus
Panel remover tool
8 and 10 mm nut drivers
Torx bit set
Assorted screwdrivers

On of the largest steps to install these parts is just to remove the door panel. These steps have already been reviewed in the Turbo Timer Companion Install.

Audi window switch  

Start by using your panel removal tool on the square trim piece below the door handle

Audi window switch  

Below this cover are two phillips head screws - remove them

Audi window switch  

At the bottom of the panel is a single phillips head screw - remove it


Use your panel removal tool to remove the door trim. Note, after you pop the front side off (shown lower left), you have to work your way down to the back side of the trim. To remove the very last clip you have to slide the trim piece toward the front of the vehicle. DO NOT pop it with the panel tool - you will brake it.

After the trim is off, remove the screws below it

Audi window switch   Audi window switch

With the trim and screws removed, you can start to lift the upper panel as shown to the right. I was not able to completely remove this upper panel, but I was able to lift it as you see here

  Audi window switch

The Bentley manual indicated an additional step/clip to remove which I could not locate. At this point I just gave the door panel a slight tug from the handle and it came right off.

  Audi window switch
Audi window switch

When you look at the door panel you will see a cable as depicted to the right. You need to pop it out of the plastic and unhook the end of it. This is pretty self explanatory when you see it

  Audi window switch

After you get that disconnected, you need to disconnect a couple wiring harnesses to release the door panel. You will see the controller for the windows/locks (pictured to the right). You have to disconnect the large grey connector

  Audi window switch
To disconnect this connector, you need to push in on the small tab (using a screwdriver, etc), and then pull the black clip downward.
Audi window switch   Audi window switch
Audi window switch  

You also need to disconnect the connection for the speaker that is circled to the left

Audi window switch  

When all of those are connections are taken care of, you the door panel will be free. Move it to a clean space and take a look at it.

You will have to unscrew the 11 Torx screws circled to the left

Audi window switch  

With those torx screws removed, you will be able to pull the driver's arm rest off


You will now see two harnesses that need to be removed. Unplug both of them, and the arm rest will be free. The harness on the right can be a bit tricky, so I included a picture of what it looks like disconnected

Audi window switch   Audi window switch
In order to remove the handle part from the armrest, you have to un-do a few snap connections. Start at the one pictured to the right. Use a small flathead screwdriver to lightly separate the snap. Once you get this one un-done, you can just give a light tug and the two pieces will come apart.   Audi window switch
Here are the two pieces separated   Audi window switch
Now all you need to do is move over the power mirror switch:
Audi window switch   Audi window switch
Audi window switch  

At this point all you need to do is install in reverse. First I would recommend plugging everything in to make sure it all works..

The completed project will look like this.

Now is probably a good time to scrub the rest of the door so it all looks new again!

Good Luck!

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