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Audi A4 Oil Change - 1.8T

Prior Experience: None
Cost: approx. $45
Time: 15 minutes

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This should be common knowledge for most, but I figured I would write it up anway.

SUPPLIES - The supplies are basic: Oil (I got mine at Wal-Mart), Large oil filter (dealer), crush washer (dealer as well while I was there), and an oil filter wrench (Wal-Mart)

Material Quantity Price
Large Oil filter: PN 068115561B 1 $11.22

Mobil 1 0w40
VW 502.00/505.00/503.01 approved

5 quarts $5.68 each

Crush Washer

1 $0.50

Oil Filter Wrench

1 $2.96

In order to get to the oil drain plug you have to remove the plastic cover on the underside of the car. To do this, just get the car up on ramps. You'll need a flathead screwdriver to dis-engage the 6 screws arond the edges of the plastic cover (only a 1/2 turn each gets them out)

  Audi A4 oil change
Audi A4 oil change  

With the underside of the engine exposed, you will be able to see the 19mm oil plug. Get a bucket and stick it underneath the plug, and unscrew it with your 19mm wrench. Since you are bound to get oil on your hand you may want to do this with the engine cold so you dont burn yourself


After all the oil drains into the bucket, screw the plug back in with the NEW lock washer. You then have to get the oil filter off. I think about a 1/2 quart of additional oil is in the filter.

I think the easiest way to get to the filter is from the top. So you have to remove the coolant reservoir. It is held in by only one phillips head screw and one snap. Unscrew the screw and lift the resivour up from the front.

Once its unscrewed, you can just swing it out of the way  

  Audi A4 oil change
Audi A4 oil change  

Move the bucket underneath the filter.

Grab your filter wrench and put it on the filter

Unscerw it slowly so you dont get oil everywhere.


After that, you should take your new filter and coat the gasket with some oil (just use your finger). After its coated, screw it in place - you really only want to go hand tight, but can use the wrench if you want (if your hands are slippery)

With the new filter on, and the oil plug back in place, just fill the engine up with about 4 1/2 quarts of oil. Check the dipstick and you should be set.

Now would be a good time to change your spark plugs as well!

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