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Audi A4 - Fixing a "Possessed Sunroof" Switch

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Prior Experience: None
Cost: Free!
Time: 30 Minutes

A common complaint of the B6A4 is the so called 'possessed sunroof'. What this means is that the sunroof tends to do whatever it wants. You may have it open to vent and it will close on its own, or perhaps you will try to close it and it won't close completely. This obviously becomes very annoying. Fortunately, the fix for it is very easy and it just involves adjusting the contacts for the switch

This idea was originally written up on audiworld, but since I was doing it the fix I figured I'd write it up and add it to this site as well.

SUPPLIES - For this fix, all you will need is a couple hand tools. Most importantly you should have a T-9 torx bit. this is not typically included in torx sets (as I found out after I had everything pulled apart). You should make a point of checking for this before you start.

Audi A4 sunroof  
Flathead screwdriver/Pick
Needle nose pliers
phillips head screw driver
T-9 Torx driver (or rig something like I did here)
The first thing you need to do is pop of the light cover. This can be done with a pick or flathead screw driver as shown below

Audi A4 sunroof

  Audi A4 sunroof
Next pop off the cover around the sunroof switch using the same technique
Audi A4 sunroof  

Audi A4 sunroof


If you look up you will see two phillips head screw. Unscrew them to remove the switch assembly


Audi A4 sunroof


To remove the switch assembly, disconnect all of the wiring harnesses. This should all be very straight forward. Each connection to disconnect is indicated with an arrow to the right.


Audi A4 sunroof


When you have the switch assembly removed, it will look like this. There are 3 T-9 torx screws on the back cover of the sunroof switch. They are circled in the picture to the right (one under the sticker). You need to remove these.


Audi A4 sunroof

Audi A4 sunroof  

As I mentioned earlier, I got to this point and realized I didn't have a T-9 bit. So i rigged up something using a set of pliers and a small flathead screw driver.

Gotta love home made tools.

When you get the back off, you will see a circuit board. The circuit board just need to be lifted out of the way

Audi A4 sunroof


Audi A4 sunroof


You will be able to see a little metal clip which serves as the contacts to the switch. You need to bend up the two metal tabs as pictured to the right.

It may be easier if you pull the clip out (it pops right out)


Audi A4 sunroof


The picture to the right shows (approximately) how much to bend the pieces up. I believe they are bent up a bit too much in this picture.

I used a small pair of needle nose pliers to get the bends just right.


Audi A4 sunroof


As mentioned in the original article, the bending of the tabs will be an iterative process. When you bend them, put the circuit board back on and press the sunroof switch (as you were going to tilt the sunroof) and listen for the clicks. Each of the tabs you are bending are responsible for pushing buttons on the circuit board which vents and closes the sunroof. You will see what I mean when you get to this point. As you are doing this, you need to make sure that you don't bend them too far (as to constantly push the buttons), but bend them enough to still have the proper operation.

I have posted a video HERE, (1 mb, *.wmv file) of what it should sound like as you are clicking the switch back and forth. When you get this operation, put the back of the switch back on.

Reassemble everything and give it a test.

Good Luck!

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