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Here you will find a bunch of Audi/A4 related videos. They have been collected from various websites or forums, and we here at in no way wish to represent these as our work. A lot of time and effort went into making these, and in all cases we give credit to their original authors. When possible we will list original creators.

To submit a video use and send it to include a description

Please right click and Save As to conserve my resources:


Adam's Polishes Video (streaming, *.wmv) Instructional Detailing Video put together by Adam's Polishes (video parts found here)

GTG/Non Racing:

Motor City Audi - Motorstadt 2004 (368mb, *.dv) Compilation of footage assembled by -vinny-
download me (368mb, *.dv) martini video to be edited
da A Team (27.6mb, *.wmv) 1sicknickel's A team video
Nothing to Lose Video (26.9 mb, *.mpeg) 1sicknickel's video - "Nothing to Lose"
Dubfest GTG (21.8mb, *.mov) 1sicknickel's video from dubfest
EP_HID_2005 (25.9 mb, *.mov) 1sicknickel's video EP_HID
dateam GTG video (21.8 mb, *.mov) 1sicknickel's video from 9/2005
Waterfest 2005 (17.20 mb, *.mov) 1sicknickel's waterfest video
Extreme Autofest (5.5 mb, *.rm) 1sicknickel's Extreme Autofest video
Crystal Cove GTG (6.96 mb, *.wmv) 1sicka4's Crystal Cove GTG from 2/18/2006
Rally Babe Audi Video (127 mb, *.mpeg) Rally Babe audi video...relatively large file, probably wont be hosting for long
Quattro Footage (127 mb, *.wmv) PandaXprss' vdieo of commericals, etc. showing Quattro in all its glory
Fall Color Tour (9.51 mb, *.mov) Vince from DTW submitted this cool video of the Fall Color Tour

Track/Quarter Mile:

APR/STaSIS build video(133 mb, *.wmv) This video is of the APR/STaSIS a4 build which originally aired on Speed Channel. The video file hosted here is a single file which combines 13 segments found on APR's website.
Sacremento Raceway ( 4.8 mb, *.wmv) various AZ members taking runs at Sacremento
Launching Quattro 101 (2.54mb, *.wmv) mike-2ptzero driving Audi Skate Snow's car - Launching Quattro 101
400HPa4 video 1 (7.73mb, *.AVI) 400hpA4 runs a 12.853
AudiSkateSnow video 1 (5.43mb, *.wmv) Audi Skate Snow's eliminator avant running 12.798 @ 108.53 vs a GTO
AudiSkateSnow video 2 (3.86 mb, *.wmv) Audi Skate Snow's eliminator avant running 12.822 @ 107.33
400HPA4's Girl Driving ( 920 kb, *.wmv) 400HPA4's car running 13.6 @ 106 next to a MONSTER
mike2ptzero's b5 ( 2.41 mb, *.wmv) Mike2ptZero running 11.46 @ 121
G_A4's 12.79 sec run ( 1.35 mb, *.wmv) G_A4 runs a 12.79 @ 109.15 in his GT2871r
Inside a GT2871r ( 1.06 mb, *.wmv) Run down the track inside G_A4's GT2871r
mcpath GTRS Dyno ( 34.6 mb, *.avi) Video of three dyno pulls of mcpaths GTRS elim

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