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Audi A4 Glove box Door Rattle Fix

Prior Experience: none required
Cost: approx. $3
Time: aprrox. 15 minutes

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My car has been plagued by a glove box rattle for about a year now. For a year, I have let it drive me crazy. I am O.C.D. when it comes to interior rattles, but for some reason I couldn't figure this one out. The only thing that seemed to help was holding the door, or pulling on it a bit. I tried felt pads, I tried rubber grommets - nothing worked. Finally today I had enough. I went to the hardware store to come up with something and I think I figured it out. My glove box is now nice and tight with no rattles - and I can pay attention to driving instead of hitting the glove box.

If this rattle has plagued your car - please keep reading.


SUPPLIES - The supplies for this are pretty simple. i got two small flathead bolts, two washers and two vacuum line end caps. I picked up random sizes at the hardware store - I made sure that the vacuum hose line end caps could be threaded onto the screws.

You will also need a refreshing beer.

(Pictured to the right is only one bolt and one vacuum line end cap)

  Audi A4 Cup Holder


The very first thing you need to do is remove the glove annoying glove box. It is really simple (only 5 bolts) and I already showed how to do it on the Ipod Integration. so please read that if you need to know how (it's towards the bottom)


Audi A4 Cup Holder  

After you pull the glove box, you will see that there are already 3 rubber pieces which are supposed to be pressing against the glove box door to help prevent the rattle (circled to the left). These things must just wear out over the years.

Instead of replacing them, we are going to put in new, better ones.


The first thing to do is to drill two new holes in the glove box. I put one on each side, as close to the latches as possible  

Audi A4 Cup Holder


Next I cut the vacuum end cap - I basically cut the tip off.

I put the washer on the bolt, and then threaded a portion of the vacuum line over the bolt. I screwed the bolt into the glove box, and capped the portion sticking in to the glove box with the vacuum end cap. It looked something like this:

Audi A4 Cup Holder


Audi A4 Cup Holder


By doing it like this, I can fine tune how much pressure is put against the glove box door by just turning a screw - I don't have to worry about them wearing out, I can just screw it in a bit more.

So far it has worked out great.

Here's where the two bolts are from the top side


Audi A4 Cup Holder

That's all there is too it. Hopefully this can help you too!

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